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Start-ups, A, B, C Credit
Best Rates
Flexible Terms (12-72 months)
24 Hours Approval
No Money Down
Applications Only to $150,000
Seasonal Payments
100% Financing

Equipment Leasing Services

Recent Lease Transactions

and many more...

$20,000 for Office Equipment

$45,825 for 2 Trailers

$7,968 for Software

$40,000 for a Dump Truck

$110,000 for 6 Trailers

$42,420 for an Excavator

$20,280 for Software

$58,900 for a Dump Truck

$78,805 for a Tractor Trailer Truck

$115,000 for Fitness Equipment

$164,500 for 7 Trailers

Benefits of Leasing

Did you know that 80% of businesses nationwide lease their capital equipment?

Equipment Leasing Is 100% Financing
Equipment Leasing covers 100% of the equipment costs including service, software, training, maintenance and installation costs.

Fast Application Process and Approval
Equipment Leasing is fast and convenient. Generally a one-page application is needed for leases up to $150,000. Approval time is 24 hours or less as opposed to traditional bank financing requiring substantial financial documentation, personal records and review by numerous bank lending committees.

Conserve Your Cash And Working Capital
Equipment Leasing conserves your working capital for alternative uses such as working capital, marketing, additional inventory and personnel allowing your business to generate more revenue.

Preserve Your Credit Lines
Equipment Leasing preserves existing lines of credit for other uses including, working capital, improvements, inventory purchases, emergencies and hiring people to help your business generate more revenue.

Tax Benefits
Equipment Leasing provides substantial tax advantages, in some cases providing 100% write-off of the monthly lease payment. Operating leases are generally treated as 100% tax deductible paid from pre-tax earnings rather than after tax profits. (Please consult your tax accountant.)

Fixed Interest Rate
With Equipment Leasing, payments remain the same regardless of interest rate changes allowing you to calculate your monthly cash flow requirements.

Eliminate Equipment Obsolescence
Equipment Leasing provides flexibility and protection against equipment and technology obsolescence. Customers have the option to add-on equipment or upgrade to a new piece of equipment to ensure their equipment is up to date.

Flexible terms and conditions
Unlike bank loans, business equipment leasing allows flexible terms and conditions to meet your specific business needs, including cash flow and/or budget requirements, deferred or skipped payments, seasonal cash flow fluctuations and various buyout options.

Off-Balance Sheet Financing
Since an operating lease is not considered a liability or a long-term debt, it does not appear on the balance sheet, thus enhancing a company’s ability to receive other loans from traditional lenders or permitting large companies to maintain certain debt-to-equity ratios or comply with their debt covenants.

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